For many, silence is overwhelming. It encourages the amplification of worrisome and fearful thoughts, the voice of the inner critic. As a result, some will find the nearest distraction to counter the discomfort. However, you can choose to be embraced by the quiet rather than engulfed. Beneath the initial uneasiness, calm, wisdom, and the potential [...]

Loneliness is a common experience. However, we often try to cure it with company-sometimes good, sometimes not. The quest for belonging is a basic need but we must have discernment when reaching for connection. But beyond the comfort of belonging is the peace that comes from knowing you can always rest in the Divine. When [...]

To feel alone is a natural state you repeatedly encounter through your journey. How you relate to it depends on your chosen perspective. If you equate aloneness with loneliness, then the tendency is to move away from it and "correct" the situation. The ego will seek out inappropriate remedies. However, if you see aloneness for what it really is, [...]