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Much time is spent being overly concerned with perfect outcomes. For example, a bride engrossed with minute details may fail to enjoy the wedding. Or consider the stage parent obsessed with their child's execution, that they miss the delight in the performance. To strive for excellence is admirable. However, it becomes problematic when the pursuit [...]

No one is perfect. None knows that better than those who claim to be on "the path." The road to self-improvement is not a straight line steadily increasing in strength. That would be too perfect. A few may experience that kind of growth, but most of us will have periods of regression in between advancements. Most [...]

Perfection. We're well aware that it can't be obtained... And yet, most of us are at the mercy of it in one way or another. Some are afraid to start things for fear of falling short. Others start, but are afraid to finish for the same reason. But it isn't about not attaining perfection. It's probably about [...]