I’m tired. Tired of watching the madness around me. Tired of watching grown women acting like children. Tired of atrocious behavior being rewarded. Tired of the ubiquitous images of unattainable perfection. Tired of the stereotypes being perpetuated and subsequently adopted without question. Tired of the forced baby voices. Tired of the overall dumbing down [...]

Don't believe it. It's crap. Absolute crap. Let me save you the trouble. Nobody holds the key to you being "complete"...whatever that means. The desire to use another person to fill something in you that is missing is dangerous behavior. You are only setting yourself up for disappointment. Note: if you're into the whole dominatrix [...]

February is undoubtedly the month of love. A couple of days before Valentine's Day and people are getting ready for romance...and major disappointment. It's been years since I felt the angst of another impending February 14th and no one to share it with. It has been years since I somehow felt that I was worth [...]

A Curated Life  There’s a strange phenomenon going on. I’ve encountered several people who have developed a strange condition I call “Facebook Envy.” There’s a tendency to feel less about oneself based upon the images posted by friends and sometimes, complete strangers. It drives me absolutely nuts to hear people tormenting themselves over what amounts [...]

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How can you possibly capture love with words? It's impossible but I just had to attempt it. Especially after my last post, I had to do something to remove the aftertaste of the sometimes bitter life experiences. I had to remind myself about the goodness that life has to offer...a bird's song, a first kiss, a [...]

I look at my mother and I see extreme beauty. I say that not because she’s my mom, but because she undeniably is beautiful. Her rich cocoa skin is flawless. Even in her seventies, her wrinkles are minimal and she easily looks ten to fifteen years younger. Her forehead and cheekbones have a regal quality. Her smile [...]

The Intimacy Battle What is it about the thought of intimacy that makes so many of us uncomfortable? Why do we hide our real selves even from the people "closest" to us?  What's your opinion? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUYQUlvgMz8