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Magic Moments

104341815_LANDSCAPEFemale_track_athlete_in_the_starting_position_on_a_track_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqoDIC0oZlX3bRbVRuQxmqEBbX8Cb-nEcGbw-n9H5MxmcMuch time is spent being overly concerned with perfect outcomes. For example, a bride engrossed with minute details may fail to enjoy the wedding. Or consider the stage parent obsessed with their child’s execution, that they miss the delight in the performance.

To strive for excellence is admirable. However, it becomes problematic when the pursuit of perfection counters the gift available in the moment. Like an athlete in the zone, full immersion is the key. Show up fully and trust magic to come along for the ride. It inevitably follows presence.

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