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Quiet Power

listening-1We often struggle to find the appropriate response in situations where there seem to be no words.

Perhaps you are rendered speechless because you are supposed to be. Some things are beyond the limitations of spoken language.

It’s not about you being response-ready or you taking the opportunity to try to fix. It’s about acknowledgement and acceptance of the other. To be present is to witness and allow space for their being.

Sometimes, intentional silence is the most powerful gift you can offer.

Tweet this: Presence is a balm.


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  • Sean Keyser August 1, 2018, 10:48 am

    As a patient, as a son whose mother passed earlier this year, as an experience officer, and as an amateur anthropologist, the notion of quiet and presence was…ever present. Neuroscience has made it clear that we really cannot “multitask.” We might move from one thing to another with extraordinary speed, but that’s about it. Add scripts and communication protocols to the world of tasks and the most critical moments become nothing more than noise. Words matter. The right words can be the difference in healing (even for the moment) and being left to loss. But the quiet, empathic presence of another soul can do more. It can legitimize, affirm, and comfort.

    Thank you, Emelia, for serving as a constant reminder…no…activist for the moments that matter. Especially the quiet ones.


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