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What Dr. Wayne Dyer Taught Me

dyer-largerThis past weekend, we lost a prominent face in the “self-help” industry, Dr. Wayne Dyer. I was fortunate enough to hear him speak a few years ago. While I expected his wisdom and wit, I was most struck by his presence.

During what should have been his breaks, he chose to come into the audience to interact one-on-one. As people approached him with urgency, the closer they got to him, their energy would change. You could see a wave of calm that followed wherever he went.

I found it remarkable that he radiated such palpable energy. The urgency dissipated as he made people feel seen and valued.

That is one of the most important lessons he taught me by example. His level of presence affected those that surrounded him.

Every day, through our thoughts, our words, our action and inaction, we are affecting the people around us. We are shaping the world around us by our level of consciousness. This is where compassion starts – the moment in front of you. The present.

Thank you, Dr. Dyer for your wisdom and your light.

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