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I was “on track, but off purpose.” Thirteen years of post-secondary education, a couple of degrees, and a potentially lucrative career in oral and maxillofacial surgery.  (What the hell is that you ask? It’s everything from removing wisdom teeth, to treating trauma such as gunshot wounds, to reconstructing any pathology that affects the head and neck area. Some pretty intense stuff.)  I also had a loving family, a six-year relationship, great friends…and a very empty heart. Empty because despite my blessings, a sense of fulfillment continued to elude me.


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Then, everything changed – a break-up, a breakdown, and a breakthrough. And yes, the breakdown did involve episodes of being in fetal position on the bedroom floor… but, whatever. It was a necessary step in deconstructing the false identity I had created with all my “accomplishment.”

Only then did I start to listen within. I began to welcome back all the things I’d unconsciously pushed aside in pursuit of what I “should have” wanted.  I wholeheartedly re-connected with my real self through writing (my first love), and practiced strategies to get me on purpose for the first time in my adult life. I created my SOUL INFUSION. Life started to make sense and unfold in a miraculous manner.

Consider this a safe space for your own unfolding.

NOTE: Inspiration will be bite-sized and “woo-woo” will be kept to a minimum…most of the time. I reserve the right to go full-on woo wherever necessary.

So, here’s what you need to do:

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Now for the totally random stuff that never fits into a bio, but is waaaaaay more interesting. Scroll down if you want to know which part of my anatomy I haven’t seen since I was seven years old…


  • 1. I’m a displaced Canadian. No, I don’t like hockey and I never end my sentences with “eh.”
  • 2. I have a serious sweet tooth. I’ve been known to ingest several teaspoons of condensed milk in one sitting. Oh hell, I’ve probably done a can. Truth.
  • 3. I’m terribly nearsighted. Can’t make out my own breasts if my contact lenses aren’t in.
  • 4. I  take showers in the dark (or dim light).  Every shower is a sacred experience…besides, I can’t see anything, anyway. (read #3)
  • 5. I love WonderWoman. I equally love Elizabeth Bennet from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Badasses either way. Love.
  • 6. I curse. Not all of the time but I strongly feel that nothing gets the point across like a well placed expletive. The F word is my favorite.
  • 7. I despise raisins. I especially hate those little red Sun-Maid raisin boxes and everything that they stand for.
  • 8. I’m a part-time hermit. I’m immune to cabin fever and can easily spend days alone.
  • 9. I cry easily. It doesn’t take much to choke me up. An emotional 30 second ad can take me down.
  • 10. I can break out into a full dance performance in my living room at any time. In my head, I am Beyonce and you will not tell me otherwise.
  • 11. I’ve watched Pretty Woman and Pride & Prejudice (BBC version) probably more than 50 times. Each. Really. I’m some exotic combination of self-proclaimed badass and diehard romantic.


Dr. Frances Emelia Sam is a former Associate Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at Howard University in Washington, DC. IMG_6625-EditHer four-year residency revealed she was more drawn to helping mend broken spirits than mending broken bones. She has since restructured her life so as to honor that calling. Her latest book, Compassionate Competency: Healing the Heart of Healthcare is the convergence of her dual interests and experiences.

She is also the author of  I Haven’t Found Myself, but I’m Still Looking and The Book of Soulgasms. Her numerous articles have been featured on the wildly popular MindBodyGreen and other work has appeared on sites including Positively Positive and Tiny Buddha. She is a Huffington Post blogger whose work has been featured in the Women’s vertical and GPS for the Soul. She is the creator of the Wise Women series and also  produces the thought-provoking conversation series, PIQUE.

Emelia, who prefers to leave out the Dr. (and Frances for that matter), keeps busy building a tribe of soul-seekers. Through her 360SOUL blog and 1MinuteMantras on Periscope, her community builds and her mission to bend the world towards compassion continues.