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Compassionate Competency: Healing the Heart of HealthcareSlide1

This book offers a new paradigm in order to infuse the world of healthcare with practices of emotional intelligence and mindfulness. The end result benefits not only the patients receiving care, but enhances the experience of the practitioners who serve them.


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The Book of Soulgasms

Ninety prompts will take you through the process of insight journaling to tap into your soul’s wisdom.

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1MinuteMantra App (IOS only)Slide1

Instant tranquility at your will.

An app designed to slow you down and infuse your day with a moment of much-needed calm.

Each minute makes a difference.

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Slide2“I Haven’t Found Myself but I’m Still Looking: A Mindful Exploration of Life”

Sick of “woo-woo” personal development? Get the practical approach to improving your life. We  can’t all go to a mountaintop!

Your everyday situations can be meaningful life lessons. And best of all, each passage only takes 90 seconds to read. Stop putting your real life on hold.  

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SoulScripting: How to Craft the Story of the Life You Crave $36SS cover 2

This four module  course will initiate the mental and emotional shifts necessary to write a new story for your life.

You will be introduced to the E-D-I-T method for transforming your experience to one that speaks to and from your soul.

Watch the introductory videos for the course here.



“The Evolutionary’s Manifesto”

Ready to declare yourself as extraordinary? Then you have to take the oath of the evolutionary. If you like mediocrity, then this book just isn’t for you. That is all.

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