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WWcollageI created the Huffington Post Wise Women series because I wanted a space for diverse women to express their best thoughts on various topics. A few years ago, I penned The Grown Woman’s Oath out of the frustration I felt concerning stereotypes about women.

Do I believe some women fit these stereotypes? Certainly. Do I believe it’s the truth of who we are? Absolutely not.

For me, Wise Women is representative of our highest selves. Our sagacious selves. Our connected selves. Our transparent selves. Our loving selves.

It’s where we share, receive, transform and grow.

Join us.

Wise Women: On Self-Worth  (Sara Ballard, Avalaura Beharry, K. Neycha Herford, Anita Kopacz, Zsuzsanna(Zsuzska) Szkiba)

Wise Women: On Depression (K. Neycha Herford, Byron Katie, Susan Piver, Dr. Belisa Vranich)

Wise Women: On Resilience (Christa Gallopolous, K. Neycha Herford, Jenn McRobbie, Sahar Paz, Sharon Salzberg)

Wise Women: On Love (Tara Brach, Julie Daley, Precious Davis, K. Neycha Herford, Yvonna Kopacz-Wright, AnaLisa Rutstein)

Wise Women: On Power (Desiree Adaway, Hiro Boga, Dr. Melva Green)