It is challenging for anything that is neglected to flourish. This is true of plants, projects and life itself.  Whereas plants and projects die out, life tends to keep us in the same circumstances…until we learn and choose to do something different. Although it doesn’t feel like it, repeating the same lessons is grace.  It’s [...]

In the pursuit of goals and dreams, a certain amount of energy is put forth. However, it’s necessary to distinguish this from the type of effort that results in detriment to oneself. In the former, much of that movement is inspired and leads to a momentum that reinvigorates. It is self-renewing. In the latter, the [...]

We live in a world full of cycles: the phases of the moon, the seasons, the earth’s rotation and revolution. Our own bodies are constantly going through cycles of growth, death and renewal. Rhythms play throughout our existence. What is challenging is to identify our own place amongst these universal patterns. We can often feel out of [...]

There’s something about a change of seasons that calls for inner transition. Just cleaning out your living space can do wonders for balance and centeredness. Simply stated, creating physical space correlates with creating mental space. But you can go much further than that. You can apply the same principles to other aspects of your life. [...]

I had a great response to a post I wrote for MindBodyGreen last week. The subject had to do with breaking negative cycles. And although, the steps seem rather straightforward, we all know that it’s rarely that easy. It got me to thinking about why. Because of the earth’s gravitational pull, enough speed must be garnered [...]