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Why You'll Never Reach Your Potential

We’ve been lied to. Duped. At the very least, misinformed.

People always talk about living up to one’s potential. But, think about it. To reach your full potential means you’ve done all you can do. That’s it. The end.

Reaching full potential effectively means DEATH:

1) You could die physically which obviously renders you incapable of further action.

2) You could die internally having believed you reached your potential, and live on a false plateau of daily existence.

However, the great thing about true potential is that it’s a temptress. As you grasp for it, it teasingly turns its back and moves just out of your reach. Its elusive nature beckons you to keep moving forward. This dance is what life is all about – growth and expansion. And with her encouragement, you’ll be surprised at just how far you can go.

So, that’s it. You will never realize your full potential. You’re not meant to. Don’t expect to reach it. Just reach for it and enjoy the dance.


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