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Power Surge

succession-planning-cat-lion-shadow_234x350Do you know your power place?

The space in which you feel charged, alive, and invincible? This is the space where you feel competent and excited about your increasing capabilities (even if fear is along for the ride). It may be performing center stage or painting in a private studio. It may even be within your 9-5.

Wherever it is, it’s where you meet the truth of who you are.

Whenever you leave this space, you are rejuvenated and you vibrate at the core of your being. The experience revives each cell that has forgotten its intended reason for existence.

Unsure of what that space is? Simply set the intention to find it. Move towards what resonates and have the courage to claim it no matter how trivial or silly or unbelievable it may seem. Honor your longing. You have a right to this.

Tweet this: Power is in remembering and expressing the truth of who you are.

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